Have you constructed and installed a vermicomposting flush toilet yourself? If so, we would love to hear from you and feature your project here so others can benefit from your experience. Please read on for more details.

Vermicomposting flush toilet case studies

If you’d like your project to be included here, please write to us and tell us about it. The more detail you go into and the more photos you can send, the better. Please tell us especially about

  • • how long you’ve had the system in operation and how satisfied (or otherwise) you are with it
  • • how many people’s waste the system is handling and whether you run grey water through it as well
  • • how you constructed your worm tank enclosure and what materials you used
  • • what mix of organic materials you’ve used for your worm tank and which have been the most successful
  • • what species of worm you have in the tank and where you got them from
  • • how you sized and arranged your ‘greenfilter’ areas and what you grow there
  • • the unique challenges presented by your site and how you worked around them
  • • any design variations you included and how successful (or otherwise) they’ve been
  • • any problems you encountered and how you solved them

If you’re willing to allow people to visit your vermicomposting toilet to see one in operation for themselves, please let us know your location and how people can contact you.