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Cold climates

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I'm building an off-grid house in Minnesota, and wondering, if, with sufficient insulation, straw bales or other, if it's possible to maintain this system in a cold climate (sub-zero fahrenheit temperatures in peak winter)?



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Hi Mike,

The worms to survive need to be between 5 and 25 degree Celsius. They perform the best at 20 degree Celsius.

I live in Ireland, it's cold in Winter, it can be minus 7-10 degree Celsius during the night. I've built a green house around it, use rock wool, polystyrene to insulate. The coldest I get so far is 10 degree Celsius in the middle of the IBC tank at about half the depth. So they can live but they don't thrive, it's still the beginning for us (I have the system setup with worms, did a try for 2 weeks but system couldn't cope, it wasn't ready, I'm now close to the 6 weeks to get the eco-system developed). I'll see soon but the low temperature is defo a challenge but I think it can work.