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Construction of Vermicomposting Toilet

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Hello all,

First of all, congratulations for the website and thank you Wendy for giving us your time teaching about vermicomposting toilets, you are doing a great job here and it is truly inspiring!

In the next few months we are finally starting to build our small house here in Sintra (near Lisbon), and we want it to be the most off-grid possible. It will be a small 50sq meter wood house, and we are going to install a vermicomposting toilet based on the information that you shared in this website. Although, I still have some questions:

1 - There is a specific distance where the IBC tank has to be? I mean, there is any difference if it is right next to the house, or it can be like 20meters away? (our terrain is in a slope, so the gravity system will not be a problem)

2 - We are just two persons, and at the moment we spend an average of 8 cubic meters of water a month. Do you think it is secure to let all the water go through the system or there is the chance of flooding the system? (Grey and black waters, showers, kitchen, washing machine etc).

3 - The IBC tank has an "hatch", should the hatch stay open and then the roof of the enclosure stay closed? My doubt here is just if the system has to be completely air tight or not. I presume not since it is an aerobic function, right?

4 - There is a mininum or maximum distance for the greenfilter to be from the IBC tank? Again, it has to be right after it, or it can be 20 meters away for example?

Sorry for the long questions but I'm really excited to install it and for sure I will be doing a post here for sharing my construction.

I know I will have more doubts when near the construction date, but I will post them here at that time.

Once again thank you very much!



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Hi André

1 and 4. There's no proximity requirements. Only the usual drainage guidelines for a septic system (minimum slope, ventilation, inspection hatches, etc) for long pipe runs.

2. It's better not to put your grey water through the system, especially laundry (the fats in the detergents can cause problems). Take that straight to your growing areas. (Check out Art Ludwig's work on this - Create an Oasis with Grey Water and Laundry to Landscape - )

3. The tank should not be airtight but the hatch will not shut tight anyway if you just cut 3 sides of a rectangle to make it - the plastic deforms slightly, so it can just be left like that. It deters flies, should they ever get into the enclosure.

Good luck! And don't forget to report your experiences, good or bad, on the forum! It's how we can all learn and improve the system.

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@admin thank you for the reply Wendy! My main concern at the moment was about putting grey water through the system, but now I'm enlightened.

Will also take a closer look on Art Ludwig's work on this, and I will post here all my experiences through the process.