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IBC tote alternative?

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I live on a remote island in the Caribbean and it is proving to be difficult to find an IBC tote- are there any alternatives? 



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The IBC tote is really only a concession to our current societal attitudes to our own waste. From the ecosystem's point of view it's not helpful as you have a natural ecosystem in an unnatural containment situation so it can't regulate itself and has to rely on us remembering to maintain it and then not making any stupid mistakes when we do! What you can use really depends on your unique context; climate, environment, soil type, depth and porosity, local building practices, and any regulations you have to deal with. I know of a couple of people who've used precast concrete rings. You could use blocks, bricks ... so yeah ... just use your imagination! 

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in this video, a concrete container that is above ground is used:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayDKI9Dobb0&t=58s

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The design at vermifilter.com uses an agricultural crate or a bin made of plastic pallets, with walls screwed to the sides and set on a concrete basin.