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Maximum distance from toilet to IBC tank

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all precious information.
I plan to build 2 off grid bungalows in Indonesia, the two bungalows will be 20 meters apart, and each bungalow will have a toilet.
The terrain has a slope of 20 percent, I would like to know what is the maximum distance possible between the toilet and the IBC tanker?

Also, is it possible to connect 2 toilets on an IBC container? (about maximum 10 people for a total daily use)

I made a simple sketch (link below).
Pease can you give me some advices?


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10 people for a single tank I think would be too much. Better to have a tank per house. Maximum distance would depend on pipe diameter but would likely be the same as for any septic tank installation specified in your local building regulations.