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Tank Parameters..can I use a more shallow rectangle  


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06/02/2018 6:57 am  

 I'm curious if I could use a 3 foot deep pumicecrete rectangular tank about 3 feet wide by 6 feet long for my composting worm tank, this would eliminate  some of the problems I have with the flat land that I am trying to situate the system on. What do you think if I have 2 feet of  bedding material for the worms to live in on a 3' x 6' surface area tech? That way the height of the tag is considerably less, and I'm still getting a lot of surface area for the worms.  I understand that I need to deposit the black waste at the center of the tank so that it spreads evenly, does this sound appropriate? 

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09/02/2018 12:59 am  

You don't really gain much by doubling the surface area if the waste pipe is emptying in one spot. The waste doesn't spread out much. In a tank 3 feet square, the solid waste doesn't reach the edges. It remains in the centre and the worms go to and fro, consuming it and then moving around the tank. The liquid component travels straight down through the organic material and associated ecosystem and it's this which cleans it, so depth is important. You can get away with 2 feet of material, but it's really close to minimum and since you need an air gap at the top of the tank, your material depth will end up being less than 2 feet. Also, the organic material is being continually consumed so you'll have much less leeway in terms of comfortably being able to leave the tank for some time between refills. So in conclusion, yes, it's doable, but I wouldn't make the tank 6 feet long. 4 will be more than enough.