Vernmenting Humaure

Vernmenting Humaure  


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11/02/2019 2:46 pm  

Vernmenting is a new vermiculture technique where your worm bin is packed full with composting materials, Red Wigglers added, capped and then left alone till designated time when the process is complete, usually eight weeks.


I’ve been using this technique for a few years now with consistent, positive results.

I separate one’s, and two’s. One’s “urine” along with other organic liquids go to my “CBCB” (Carbon Base Composting Bin, or minced leaves only) where temperatures reach 120F to 160F the higher temp being the norm for months at a time. 


Two’s, or solids get placed in a “carbon pocket” (paper bag, newspaper, or equivalent) then rolled into a composting roll where they are placed into a six gallon vernmenting bin, or bucket. A vernmenting bin is simply a retrofitted six gallon bucket that allows for good ventilation, and drainage.


When the vernmenting bin is full usually about 20 to 25 humanure composting rolls hundreds, to thousands of Red Wigglers are added. The bin is capped to be opened when the process is complete, again usually eight weeks humanure is fully turned into worm castings!


This method of vermicomposting humanure allows one to process humanure in any location, or small space, apartments, condos, little houses..... Because of the vernmenting bins design nothing gets in, nothing gets out so there are no smells, or unwanted vermin. Your sanitation system can go in the same small bathroom the toilet is located where so called waste is removed only in the form of worm castings.


Using this method I’ve been able to successfully process my own humanure turning it into worm castings going on three years again with positive consistent results!

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Interesting idea Mark! There's so much potential with worms.

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How do you regulate temperature with the #2 buckets?

Can you explain a composting roll ?

How do the worms do after eight weeks? is there enough food for them that long?