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How to go about hotter climates

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Hi there!

I'm considering integrating a vermicomposting flush system into a design for a house in Greece. The summers get very hot and from what I understand the worms can't handle high temperatures. What would you recommend I do? Could I set the IBC tank a few feet into the ground so it's naturally kept cool? Would this have any negative affects?

Thanks in advance:)


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Hi Luca

I'm in Portugal. Our summers are not that different to yours. So that's the climate this system was originally constructed in. You need to enclose the worm tank in an insulated structure. All this is on the Design and Construction page. Please read it!

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I fitter a smaller system using a 200liter ex food grade drum where temps can climb to over 40C. as well as partially burying it in the ground and building soil around it for insulation and it is in a tree shaded area I installed a 12V bilge fan that runs off an auxiliary 12V battery (its an off grid property with solar and batteries but have a 12V system to run some pumps and hot water heater etc. and provide a 12V back up just in case of inverter failure or something). Have only had to use it once but it provides a high air flow to help cooling. As well as this some cut up plain cardboard soaked in water provided an evaporative cooling environment that worked pretty well.