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Fly problem

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I installed a system about 6 months ago, shortly before it started getting cold for winter here in new mexico and so far is working great.  No smell when i open the tank to top up the organic material.  However, now that the weather is warming up i noticed flies coming in and out of the tank.  So my question is does the tank need airflow?  I could put weather stripping on the lid to prevent the flies from entering and exiting.  But does the tank itself need to breath?


Thanks in advance

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Since this is an aerobic system then yes, it does need to breathe. You could achieve that via a screened vent pipe though, which might stop the flies getting in to lay eggs?

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Hi Meadowlark,

I am a new member, and I am also planning to build a system in New Mexico -- would love to connect, but not sure if there's any way to message on here. We are in NW NM. (yours is coincidentally the first message I clicked on)