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Shower water temperature: how does it affect the worms?

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Hi everyone,

I first heard about this system 3 years ago and wanted to build one since; I went to a workshop with Wendy as a teacher and I understood how game changing a Vermicomposter could be. So thanks Wendy to share your knowledge with us. 

I've just finished building my system: 2 toilets, 1sink and 1 shower going into 1 IBC tank.

Now, somehow, I had in mind that a shower could be hooked to the system as well. And, I've been looking through these pages and couldn't find more info about how a shower's hot water would affect the worms.

That water is over 35°, at least, which is higher than what worms can take.

In my case, there's not much distance between the shower and the tank (my tank is one level lower than toilets and shower; almost under the shower). Not sure if that short distance can cool the water enough.

Are the worms buried enough it doesn't affect them?

Was I completely wrong about the shower?

If so, anything I could do to make it work?


Thanks a lot on advance for your answer(s) and your help.

Francois Cramer